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COVID-19 UPDATE: As of  8/11/21: Canadian Border open:

Visiting Canada:11 things to know before your trip  Link to recent article: https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2021/08/08/canada-border-reopen-what-to-know-before-travel-canada-covid/5505783001/

 We continue to focus on our Skiing 2021-2022 and SUMMER 2022 HELIHIKING Trips.  Details below.  We are requiring those skiing with us be VACCINATED!  Contact me if you have an issue with this.

 Site updated 8/11/2021

Join us for the best HELISKIING in the World!

Combining Continuing Education and Exotic 

Adventure Travel for the  Medical & Dental 

Communities World Wide Since 1991

We are going Helihiking Summer 2022 see below for details. Heliskiing symposiums will resume for the 2021-2020 in Dec 2021 at the Gothics then again in January at Galena. See you there.

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  Call Now to book a trip: 561-289-9240

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Ted on Powder Pig



2019 Was Spectacular!

From one of our newest guests; "Your groups without a doubt are filled with the best people and are unquestionably the most fun whatever lodge you are in!"

 Jan 2020 Was Spectacular for our Group; again!
Galena was knee to waist deep the entire week with tons of face shots!

Confirmed 2022 Lodges and Dates!! 

1. Gothics: Dec 11-18, 2021; S22GO00A. 33 skiers. Single room with shared bath /double (2 people in room) -> $8870.75 CAD includes taxes (approx $6692 USD); Single (1 person in room) -> $10215.45 CAD including taxes (approx $7707 USD) Fares are only approximate. Call for exact fares.

2. Galena January 8-15, 2022S22GL041 33 skiers. Single room with shared bath /double (2 people in room) -> $13154.75 CAD (approx $9,925 USD) includes taxes; Single (1 person in room) -> $14499.45 CAD (approx $10,940 USD) Fares are only approximate. Call for exact fares.

3. Helihiking July 17 thru 22, 2022: Bobbie Burns to Bugaboos, lodge to lodge best time of summer to be there,30 spaces available. COME JOIN US:  We are going Summer HeliHiking  2022 here are the details! Lodge (Bobbie Burns) to Lodge (Bugaboos) July 17 thru 22, 2022. It's going to be fantastic, and at today's exchange rate is a real bargain; ~$7566CAD for 6 days. ~$5372USD. This will be set up as both a med/dent symposium with family welcome! 


* TRIP PRICES ARE QUOTED AS WE GET THEM FROM CMH IN CAD$.   (DISCLAIMER;  Fees printed here have been given to us from CMH and may have changed. Only the CMH office can give you the exact numbers.  If you need/want to know the precise totals, plesae call CMH to get the exact costs!  FINAL PAYMENT is due 12 weeks prior to your trip’s start date. To make your final payment, please call our Banff Office, 800-661-0252 or your local CMH representative.  We accept American Express, MasterCard, or VISA, check or a bank transfer.



The Aesculapian Society


 Heliskiing, & Helihiking Symposiums for health care professionals.

 May we introduce ourselves?  The Aesculapian Society is an international group of conscientious health care related professionals. My name is Dr. Ted Ritota and, with my wife Lisa, we have been conducting Heliskiing &  Helihiking Symposiums for Physicians, Dentists and Health Care Related Professionals since 1991.

 Come join us for an unforgettable heliskiing experience in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  We ski exclusively with Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH). 


   (Seminar tuition and associated travel, lodging and meal expenses may be tax deductible if the primary purpose of your trip is to maintain or improve professional skills.  Always consult your tax advisor regarding your personal situation.)

  We usually have several trips each year.  There will be two trips in 2018-2019 and two trips next year 2019-2020.


"The Aesculapian Society"
"The educational experiences are real and enlightening!" There is a $240 (via check; $280 via credit card) registration fee for each symposium ($280/check, $295/cc late after Nov 1; these fees reflect a discount for paying by check).  The skiing experience is "The Ultimate"! 
We recommend that you be at least an ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE skierIf you have had no real powder experience, you should expect to struggle for a few days, but you will learn quickly. The Symposium presenters are attending professionals.  We have recently incorporated Heli-Hiking Symposiums into our repertoire using the same format. 

Ted Crescent Bugs Jan 2016


  Questions??, Contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

(More details will be posted when we get it from CMH)


 In the world of adventure travel, it's not just where you go that matters, but who you go with!  Our "enthusiasm for what we do is contagious!" Sent from one of our guests  INFO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


OR click on the number here to CALL: 5612899240


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“The Aesculapian Society and the Association of Retiring Dentists have partnered to offer members of each other’s group a 10% discount on their registration fees for courses. Please visit: http://www.retiringdentists.com to join the ARD.” From one of our long time constituents, Dr. Neil Hiltunen.